Ohio BioBlitz

OBS has teamed with iNaturalist to promote a state-wide BioBlitz in order to encourage exploration of the natural world.  iNaturalist is a vibrant, rapidly growing community of over 4,000 naturalists sharing tens of thousands of citizen-science observations from around the globe. While websites like Facebook and Flickr are great places to share wildlife photos, iNaturalist lets you transform your photos into research-grade, citizen-science observations that directly contribute to conservation initiatives. In return, iNaturalist provides rich context for your photos within dynamic, interactive field guides across all species anywhere in the world.


On this page you can view the most recent observations documented across the state.  To see the entire project, currently >130 members, >3,400 species, and >10,300 individual observations, click the link at the bottom of this page.



  • Publication Highlight:

    "Amphibians of Ohio" by Pfingsten, et al., Now Available!