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Bulletins No: 1-43


Outline of Biological Survey Plans (Herbert Osborn) and Syrphidae of Ohio by C. L. Metcalf 1913   M– $15.00  NM– $18.00


Catalog of Ohio Vascular Plants by John H. Schaffner 1914 M$15.00 NM– $18.00


Botanical Survey of the Sugar Grove (Hocking Hills) Region by R. F. Griggs 1914 M$15.00 NM– $18.00


The Euglenoidina of Ohio by L. B. Walton 1915 (1972 Reprint)  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Ascomycetes of Ohio – I by Bruce Fink; II by Fink and A. Richards 1915  M$10.00   NM– $12.00


Qualities and Uses of the Woods of Ohio by William Lazenby 1916 M –$15.00 NM– $18.00


The Physiographic Ecology of the Cincinnati Regionby E. Lucy Braun 1916 M$15.00 NM– $18.00


The Tingitoidea of Ohio by Herbert Osborn and Carl J. Drake 1916 M$15.00 NM– $18.00


The Grasses of Ohio by John H. Schaffner 1917  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Ascomycetes of Ohio-IV and V by Bruce Fink and Leafy J. Corrington 1921  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Slime Molds of Ohio by E.J. Fullmer 1921 (1998 Reprint)  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Fimetariales of Ohio (Probably III of the Ascomycetes of Ohio) by Robert Stratton 1921  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Crayfishes of Ohio by Clarence L. Turner 1926 M$15.00 NM– $18.00

The Leafhoppers of Ohio by Herbert Osborn 1928  M$10.00  NM– $12.00

The Vegetation of the Mineral Springs Region of Adams County, Ohio by E. Lucy Braun 1928 M$15.00  NM– $18.00

The Miridae of Ohio by S. A. Watson 1928  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Earthworms of Ohio by H. W. Olson 1928  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Millipedes and Centipedes of Ohio by Stephen R. Williams and Robert A. Hefner 1928  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


A Revision of the Order Phalangida of Ohio by Mary E. Walker 1928  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Distribution Maps of Certain Plants in Ohio by E. N. Transeau and P. E. Williams 1929  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Plant Ecology of the Hazelwood Botanical Preserve by John G. Segelken 1929  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Gasteromycetae of Ohio; Puffballs, Bird’s Nest Fungi and Stinkhorns by Minnie May Johnson 1929 M$15.00 NM– $18.00

Bibliography of Ohio Zoology by Herbert Osborn 1930  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Studies Concerning Organisms Occurring in Water Supplies by L. B. Walton 1930  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Revised Catalog of Ohio Vascular Plants by John H. Schaffner 1932 M$15.00 NM– $18.00


Studies on the Animal Ecology of the Hocking River Basin. The Bottom Invertebrates of the Hocking

River by William B. Ludwig AND, The Plankton of the Hocking River by Lee Stewart Roach 1932  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Bibliography of Ohio Botany by Ethel Melsheimer Miller 1932  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


An Ecological Study of the Fishes of the Hocking River by P. Sheridan Shurrager 1932  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Ostracoda of Ohio by Norma C. Furtos 1933  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


A Quantitative Study of Rotatoria in Terwilliger’s Pond, Put-in-Bay, Ohio by Elbert H. Ahlstrom 1934  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Leafhoppers of Ohio; Subfamily Typhlocybinae by Dorothy M. Johnson 1935  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Distribution of Breeding Birds of Ohio by Lawrence E. Hicks 1935  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


A Study of the Small-Mouth Bass, Micropterus dolomieu, (Lacepede) in Rearing Ponds in Ohio by T.H. Langlois 1936  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Jumping Plant-Lice of Ohio (Homoptera: Chermidae) by John S. Caldwell 1938  M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Fulgoridae of Ohio by Herbert Osborn 1938 M$15.00   NM– $18.00

A Catalog of the Lichens of Ohio by John N. Wolfe 1940 M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Membracidae of Ohio by Herbert Osborn 1940 M$15.00  NM– $18.00

A Key to the Genera of the Compositales of Northeastern North America by Richard A. Popham 1941 M$10.00  NM– $12.00


The Long-Horned Beetles of Ohio by Josef N. Knull 1946 M$25.00  NM– $30.00


Recent Insect Invasions in Ohio by Herbert Osborn, Neale Howard, C.R. Neiswander, N.D. Blackburn,

C.R. Cutright, T.H. Parks, R.B. Neiswander, and J.B. Polivka 1948 M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Microclimates and Macroclimate of Neotoma, a Small Valley in Central Ohio by John N. Wolfe, Richard T. Wareham, and Herbert T. Scofield 1949 (1972 Reprint) M$15.00  NM– $18.00


The Checkered Beetles of Ohio (Coleoptera: Cleridae) by Josef N. Knull 1951 (1972 Reprint) M$10.00  NM– $12.00


Leaf Beetles of Ohio by John A.Wilcox 1954 M$10.00  NM– $12.00


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