Small Grants

The Ohio Biological Survey offers small grants to support work which occurs partially or wholly in Ohio, and that promotes the Survey’s objectives: (1) to secure accurate and detailed information concerning the occurrence, distribution, and ecology of the plants and animals in Ohio for the people in general and for those engaged in education, conservation, and science in particular; (2) to publish the results of biological surveys and scientific studies on the taxonomy, distribution, and ecology of plants and animals in Ohio or in a wider geographical area of which Ohio is an integral part; and (3) to collect, identify, describe, and distribute biological materials that may be of service in education and research. Proposals are due in the Survey office by February 15 of each calendar year.


Small Grant Application



OBS Awards


Herbert Osborn Award

Purpose: The Ohio Biological Survey, in honor of its founder, established the Herbert Osborn Award to recognize noteworthy accomplishments and service in the field of biology as pertaining to the objectives of the Ohio Biological Survey. The Award is presented on an annual basis, and was initiated in 1991.


Qualifications: Recipients of the Herbert Osborn Award will be individuals who have made an exceptional contribution through consistent research publications to the advancement of knowledge concerning the occurrence, distribution, taxonomy, and/or ecology of the flora and/or fauna of Ohio. The intent of the Award is to recognize relevant accomplishments and service over a period of years.


Naturalist Award

Purpose: The Ohio Biological Survey wishes to honor those individuals who have made significant contributions to our understanding and conservation of the natural heritage of Ohio.

Qualifications: An individual selected to receive the Ohio Biological Survey Naturalist Award will have worked energetically to acquire or disseminate knowledge, conserve natural areas, and/or foster our understanding of the fauna and flora of Ohio. The awardee will be an active contributor over a period of years in pursuit of the activities concerning the natural heritage of Ohio.


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Ohio Bird Conservation Inititive

The Ohio Biological Survey is a partner in the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative (OBCI).  OBCI is a coalition of member organizations that support bird conservation, bird recreation, and education and outreach. From Ohio non-profit groups to metroparks to federal and state agencies, over 90 member organizations have endorsed our goals and mission.


All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) of Deep Woods, Hocking County, Ohio
Deep Woods is a 280-acre tract in Hocking County. In 1998 the Survey initiated an All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) on the property with the encouragement and permission of the owners (the Blyth family). Initial funding for the inventory came from the Ohio Division of Wildlife and the project has continued with some by the Ohio Biological Survey and some from the Blyth family. Efforts continue with the help of many volunteers. The overall goal is to document the occurrence and distribution of all animal and plant species on this tract, and to use it as a model for terrestrial and stream ecosystems in the Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau region of southeastern Ohio. Relatively complete surveys of Deep Woods exist for algae, bryophytes, lichens, vascular plants, spiders, some beetle families, butterflies and larger moths, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. Most other groups have not yet been exhaustively surveyed, and much remains to be done despite documentation of over 5000 species.Deep Woods is an important educational resource, and groups and individuals with an interest in Ohio’s flora and fauna are encouraged to visit the site and to contribute to the ATBI. Deep Woods is the site for an annual Bioblitz, a productive and enjoyable event contributing much to our knowledge of the local biota and to networking among professional scientists and dedicated amateur natural historians.Annually, up to $2,500 is made available from the Survey’s Endowment Fund to support projects at Deep Woods. A request for proposals will be posted on the OBS website, or can be requested from the Survey’s office. Proposals should be pertinent to the goals of the ATBI, and are due in the Survey’s office by February 1 each calendar year.  For more information on Deep Woods, including species lists of interest, or to arrange a visit, contact Dr. Dave Horn or the OBS office (select Contact in the menu at the top of the page).

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    "Amphibians of Ohio" by Pfingsten, et al., Now Available!